Sunday, September 28, 2008

Apples, apples and more apples

We are definitely an apple-loving family. One of our favorite fall activities is going to local apple orchards and picking our own. I've already been once a few weeks ago with just me and the kids. (I love the Honey Crisp apples and they are VERY popular, so you have to go right away when they are ripe.)

Then this weekend we went again because Steve's favorite apple, Galas, were ready. We tried a different apple orchard this time, and it was GREAT! The other apple orchard we usually go to is a little gimmicky. It's nice and cute and all, but they have this kid "play area" that they conveniently charge for. And while I don't mind that so much, you have to pay with tickets. So you have to estimate your ticket needs and such...too much work.

But this new place is great. You actually drive into the orchard, right up to the trees you want to pick from and then get out from there. It's a great family-run place that is truly out in the country.

So between the apples and the Brewers making the playoffs, it's been a good weekend for us. Here are a couple of pictures from our adventures.

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Amber said...

Your pictures are so "Wisconsin in the Fall"-ish! We may have to go to an apple orchard now.