Sunday, September 14, 2008

Countdown to Half Marathon

I don't know if I've mentioned this, but my mother-in-law talked some of us into walking a half marathon on Saturday. Now it's not like my friend, Amanda, who will actually be running this same half marathon. But still, walking for 13 miles is definitely a commitment.

I've been doing pretty good with running and exercising and whatnot. Some weeks I do great, and then others I don't. But in this past week, I've really been working hard to get my exercising in. It's back to the Jillian DVDs. She's really good at strengthening me overall and improving my endurance. So I hope to stick with Jillian workouts this week. Wish me luck. I fear her more than the half marathon walking!


Anonymous said...

YEAHHHH! I got a mention in your blog! You will do absolutely wonderful Stacy. I will keep my eyes peeled for you. Enjoy it and be proud of yourself when you cross the finish line. XOXO - Amanda

ashes ashes said...

And I thought I was brave for agreeing to walk in a are worlds braver than me.