Monday, March 31, 2008

Sore Loser

I'm going to admit it. I don't like to lose. And not only that, but I hate to lose at Scrabble.

Steve and I have been playing Scrabble for years. No wait. Let me rephrase that. Steve has been beating me at Scrabble for years. It's very frustrating. No matter how hard I try, I never win. And like I said, I don't like losing. In fact, I'm such a bad loser that Steve often swears that he'll never play me again...ever.

Now some of you might wonder, "What's the problem? Why can't you win? Aren't you a writer and editor? Don't you work with words every day?"

Well, yes. Yes I do. But my crazy wordsmith of a husband was an English major. And apparently English majors conquer Journalism majors.

So this weekend, I convinced Steve to play Scrabble with me once again. It's probably been 2 or 3 years since we've played. That's how bad of a loser I am. I pout (and sometimes yell), so Steve doesn't like to play. And he certainly isn't going to let me win. So we're playing and everything is going fine until I play a word that really isn't a word. I tend to do this. I convince myself that a word is really a word, and I "take a chance." It usually doesn't pay off, which means Steve challenges me and then I lose my turn. This is when I turn into Evil Stacy. Losing your turn in Scrabble is the worst thing EVER! It's very hard to come back from. Needless to say, I lost. In fact, I lost twice this weekend. The second time, he didn't even challenge my fake work of "redot." You know, like to dot your i's. So then you would need to redot them. (By the way, I looked it up Steve and it's not a word!)

Sadly, I was a sore loser, and Steve says he's never going to play me again. I feel bad for turning into Evil Stacy. (Sorry sweetie!) I hope that one day I can beat him at Scrabble. But I think I'm going to have to figure out how to get him to play me again first. Until then, I'm going to study up on my Q, Z, X and J words.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Little Bit of Princess in Everyone

Anna has never been a girly girl. Of course, she is only 2, so I don't want to stereotype her just yet. But she's always been my little independent, outspoken little baby and girl.

I never wanted to push the frilly stuff on her just because she was a girl. But it just goes to show that kids will develop however they want. Jack, for example, was never a truck boy. But he sure loves music and making up stories. Isn't it funny how they develop personalities early on?

Anyway, Anna just recently started demonstrating some major princess behavior. I think it started when we watched the move, Enchanted. This is the Amy Adams movie where she goes from being a cartoon princess to a real-life one in New York City. I know it sounds silly, but it's actually pretty good. Well, Jack and Anna love this movie. Anna especially gets a little twinkle in her eye when she watched princess Giselle. She even does the dance motions when Giselle breaks out in song.

Then the princess behavior continued when Steve got her some pajamas that are in the gown/dress style. Anna recently decided that she didn't want her feet covered at night anymore, and Steve is eager to please his little girl. I think Anna would wear these dress pajamas all day if we let her. So we'll see how this princess thing develops. She still doesn't want me doing much with her hair to make it pretty. And she's certainly not timid. But it's fun to see kids grow up and develop.

I'm still trying to get a good video of her doing the motions and dancing. Stay tuned...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter with Snow

I think I jinxed the weather with my recent lovely Spring posting. This Easter weekend, we were greeted with roughly 2 feet of snow. So instead of a lovely, sunny Easter egg hunt on Saturday, we went to an Easter egg hand out at a local school. We actually thought they were still going to "hide" the eggs in some way, and were quite disappointed to find out they were just handing out plastic bags instead.

But we didn't let it get us down! We had a blast coloring eggs. Then I got woken up at 7 this morning because the kids were SOOOO excited. The Easter Bunny hid eggs in our basement, and they couldn't wait to find them.

This afternoon, we went outside and made snowpeople. Of course, if I were talented, they would have been snow bunnies. But I'm not. However, we did use celery for the arms, plastic Easter eggs for eyes, carrots for the ears and an Oreo cookie for one of the noses.

Last year during Easter, it was snowing and cold. This year, we were covered in snow. I swear, one of these years it's going to be nice. Otherwise, I told Steve we'll just have to go to Oklahoma for Easter one year.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Here Comes Spring

Tomorrow (Thursday) is the first official day of spring. Of course, no one around here really counts on good weather until after Memorial weekend. But we couldn't help but enjoy the gorgeous sunshine today. It was almost 50! That's the thing about living in Wisconsin. The winters are cold and you can get sick of all the snow, but the summers more than make up for it, in my opinion.

I grew up in those sweltering, humid summers, and I much prefer the lovely Wisconsin weather that time of year. When it hits low 90s here, people start complaining.

I'm sure we'll have a few more freezing cold days before the nice, warm weather gets here, but I love these little sprinkles of spring. Today, Jack asked me where he could find the flowers, but I had to tell him they weren't here yet. Then he asked me if we could get his pool out so he could swim outside. I had to explain that we would first have to wait for ALL the snow to melt, not just some of it.

Ahhh, spring! And then comes summer!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

And the birthdays are over...

We had Jack's birthday party on Saturday at this inflatables place near Steve's mom. Jack was in Heaven, playing with his cousin. They were running around like crazy kids on all these inflatables. Climbing up, sliding down, etc. I got in on the action, too. In fact, I got a little carried away and was actually launching myself in the air and crashing down.

It came back to bite me, though. I was SO sore on Sunday and Monday morning. I guess I was using muscles that I never knew I had.

Unfortunately, I did not get pictures because I forgot my camera. But I'm hoping Uncle Scott got some good ones so I can share some later.

On an Anna note, that girl is talking in all kinds of full sentences now!

"No Jack. I want to do it!"
"Mommy. Sing rock by baby."
"I take my candy, too!"
"Jack. I want to turn light off!"

Oh, and this morning, Anna was trying to drink from the vegetable oil bottle. Now, don't judge. We had muffins and had used the vegetable oil. But she definitely got a little swig because she had an icky look on her face.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Happy Birthday to my good friend Heather, who has a laugh that is contagious, a loyalty like no other and the cutest little redhead that I've ever seen.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Daycare Crisis

I admit that I analyze and analyze and worry too much. Even the title of this posting is a little misleading because we are not in an actual crisis.

We've always paid a lot for daycare, and it's always bugged me. But it is what it is. Child care isn't cheap, and the kids love their teachers. We've been at the same place for nearly 4 years, but we have thought a couple of times about switching. Not because we don't get good care there, but more to save money.

So recently, we started thinking about switching again. We even went so far as to fill out the enrollment information and write out a check to the new place. But then something happened. We gave our notice, and the director at our center called me today. She was very sad that we would be leaving and wanted to know if there was anything she could do. I pretty much brushed her off, but then it really got to me. These are all teachers that have known our kids since they were drooling, breast-fed babies. They really care about them and enjoy us as a family. And you just can't buy that.

So guess what? After my analyzing and number crunching, we'll be staying right where we are. We're going to get a slight price break, which will help, but the bottom line is that the kids are happy. (I made Steve call the new place and break the news because I am weak.)

Jack will be starting a 1/2 day K4 program in the fall anyway. And then after that is school full time. Hmmm. It's weird to think about. Don't worry, though. I'm sure I'll do plenty of analyzing and analyzing and analyzing between now and then.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Balloon failure

Jack had a good birthday. They showed his card on the air, but they didn't read the poem. He thought it was pretty cool, though. The one thing Jack was so bummed about is that he didn't get a balloon on his birthday. I should have thought of this, as that was his favorite part about Anna's birthday. But rest assured, we're having his party next weekend with Steve's side of the family and there will be balloons.

In other news, our basement remodeling project is complete. We just have some finishing decorating touches to add. We gutted the bathroom, got rid of some closets and got new carpet. It looks great down there.

Well, that's about it I'm afraid. Kind of boring from our end. Happy Monday!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Jack...

One of the TV shows we watch is the Goodnight Show on Sprout. They're always having promos about "Send in your birthday card. We'll read it on the air."

They stressed that creativity is important if you want to get your card chosen. So we put together a birthday card, and I put together this poem about the birthday boy, who happens to be 4 today. My little man isn't so much a cake person, as the poem explains. (The picture here is Jack pretending to be angry in his birthday crown from school. It cracks him up.)





Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Work just became a little bit cooler...

Yesterday, the CEO of our company made a public statement. "Jeans are OK," she said.

We were watching her address everyone via Internet, as she's based in NY. As soon as she said it, there were a round of cheers. Of course, no one was sure it would apply to our offices, but we all secretly hoped. At least, many of us did. Then today, HR sent an e-mail.

Jeans are OK! I'm so excited. Who cares that I only have 2 pair of jeans that I actually wear? What a great excuse to go jean shopping! Can you tell that I'm excited? I could throw some more exclamation points in!

I know it's kind of silly to be so giddy about something so little, but you have to take what you can get. Ahhhh, jeans. :)

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Shopping for Shoes

I was in NYC last week briefly for a business conference. It's not like I do a lot of traveling for work like Steve does. In fact, this was my first business trip ever.

I settled into my hotel room by about 6. I briefly considered just staying in and relaxing, but then I realized there was no way I could do that. This way my only window of opportunity to be in NY before my flight home the next day. I love this place!

It was raining, so I popped open my umbrella and started walking. Soon, I realized that I was along Fashion Avenue near Madison Square Garden. Oooo, Fashion Avenue! Since it was crummy weather, I quickly took refuge in a Macy's store that was an entire block long and like five or six stories tall.

On the first level, there were all kinds of handbags and perfumes. For a few brief seconds, I thought about how cool it would be to buy a $200 or $300 purse from Macy's in NY, but then I came to my senses and starting hitting the sales racks in the clothing areas.

Oh my goodness....there were a lot of clothes to look at. It was insane! I ended up with a pair of jeans and a shirt. Then I asked someone where the shoes were. Level 5. I headed up to level 5 and started searching the sales racks, which is what most of the women there were doing. I found a couple of pairs that I really liked. Then I discovered the catch. They had one shoe out on the floor and its mate in the back. So here's how it worked: You find a shoe that you like and check with a salesperson to see if they have your size. Then if they do, the search is on. They can bring you half of your dream shoe, but you have to search the entire floor to find the other one in your size. This sounds easy, but it is not. I found some great 1/2 shoes that were amazing deals, but their mates were mysteriously missing in my size 9. I only spent about half an hour doing the shoe game before I called it quits. I decided it wasn't worth it after all.

My trip was quick, but I managed to squeeze in a little fun. Now I just want to go back to NYC for some good shoe shopping.