Wednesday, September 03, 2008

First Day of School

I've been a neglectful blogger. Sorry about that.

Jack started "big kid" school yesterday. He goes for about 2 1/2 hours in the mornings. Our daycare buses him over and then goes and picks him up before lunch. I was excited that I got the chance to experience taking him in for his first day. I was there with all the other proud mothers, cameras and hands and nervous as can be.

Jack did really great until I came to pick him up and I informed him that I would then be taking him back to his old school. "No! You take me home!" he said. The next 1/2 hour went from bad to worse. He did NOT want to go back into his "old school." He cried and screamed and made a big scene. At some point, he even whacked his head on the door because he was trying to keep me from leaving. Looking back, I now realize that I never should have gone to pick him up myself. I should have just let the bus go and pick him up. Oh well, I'll know for next time.

Today, Steve took him into school, and Jack was very excited to tell me about riding the bus to and from school. I think it was the best part of his day. "I get to ride the bus every day, right Mommy?" he asked. I assured him he would, and this made him very happy.

Here are a couple of pictures of Jack on his first day. I had to take one from behind to show how big his backpack is. They insisted on the kids having full-size backpacks to hold library books and folders and such. (Watch out Am; that cute backpack will eventually need to be replaced!)

And just so I'm not leaving Anna out, here's a picture of her in a princess dress-up outfit we found at Goodwill. We were there looking for craft supplies, as I'm on this big kick to make our Christmas gifts this year. When we found this dress and then a leotard with a tutu attached, we just couldn't resist. She love, love, loves them.


Amber said...

Oh, my goodness, poor Jack! That backpack swallows him! He's not going to be able to move with library books in it! Evil big kid school!!!

You're going to have to send pictures of what you make for Christmas. I'm very curious!

ashes ashes said...

anna is so pretty

Vicki said...

I was really wondering how Jack would like his first day of big kid school. Riding the bus makes it super special.

With that look on Anna's face, she is definitely going to have to be a princess for Halloween this year. I think she should get to wear that to school!

Hettie said...

What a great picture of Anna -- she's just glowing over that dress!

And Jack is so cute with that big backpack! I still can't believe he's in K4 already. Seriously, wasn't he JUST a baby like 10 minutes ago?!