Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gymboree & Birthday Greetings for Tina

The two subjects have absolutely nothing to do with one another, but I have two things to write about tonight. So those are the breaks, kid.

First off, I went to Gymboree tonight. (For those who don't know, Gymboree is like a "cool" kids clothing store. It's not a snobby boutique, but it's definitely a step up from say Target. Though we do love Target, for the record.) Anyway, the kids needed a few more items to complete their fall and winter wardrobes. My friend, Amber, shops here all the time, and I always insisted I wouldn't be sucked in. Guess what? I totally got sucked in...$200 later and $100 worth of "Gymbucks," which you can use for later purchases, I finally left. I gotta say, though...the only way to shop that place is for sale items. I got some really, really good deals on the sale racks. (That's what we always tell ourselves, right?) My super smart friend, Amber, told me seasonal changes are the best time to shop them. She was right.

And by the way Heather, they have some GREAT boy pants in there that aren't just jeans. I was very happy with the selection and think that alone was worth my trip.

Now on to more important business. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TINA!!! She turns 28 tomorrow (Thursday). It's crazy to think my best friend live hundreds of miles away, but that's the case here. Tina and I had some "non-talking" years after high school, but I'm glad we reunited. This girl is a wonderful, giving person. She's the kind of person that would do anything to help you out. Plus, she's this great dresser, smart, crafty girl who is a great photographer. I hope you have a great birthday Tina. Here's a picture of us from the Mall of America. And you know I must especially like her because this is a great picture of her but a lame picture of me.


Hettie said...

Ooh, you were sucked in!! I was there today actually :) Yah, I do like their boys stuff -- Owen has two new pairs of jeans from there -- and their girls stuff is just too frickin' cute. Today, though, I resisted and stuck only to the clearance racks. They clear out their collections so frequently that there's almost always a decent sale. That's part of the addiction...!! LOL.

ashes ashes said...

What are you talking about? You look super cool in that picture. People would really agree if they saw some of the other selections.