Sunday, February 08, 2009

Disney on Ice

We went to Disney on Ice last Thursday night, and it was a blast. Annabelle was mesmerized. The show was a little under 2 hours, including an intermission and both kids paid attention the entire time. Of course, it probably helped that we had FRONT ROW tickets. I bought the tickets ages ago when they were first on pre-sale. We were in the front row on the edge where a lot of the skaters went on and off the ice. So very cool and so very worth it.

During intermission, Annabelle said to us, "Where did those costumes go?" Yep. She didn't ask where did Mickey Mouse go or where did the princesses go. She wanted to know where the costumes went. Then later as we were leaving, she told us again how much she liked the costumes. So darn cute.

On another note, I've been telling Anna a lot of stories lately, which she adores. I started doing this with Jack when he was around 2. The story always involves her as the main character, and lately she always wants to hear the story about Anna with the little tiny pony that fits in her hand. The look on her face is so blissfully happy as she listens to me. Such small pleasures.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Snow Headaches

Jack has informed me that the snow gives him headaches. And tummy aches. And as long as the snow stays around, he's going to keep getting headaches. (He's ready for it to be warm so he can go outside a lot again.)

I understand. It's one thing when it's pretty and snowing. But now it's just piled up all ugly.