Saturday, September 06, 2008

Yes, I have a problem

I've always been a girl who loves a bargain. I blame my mom; she's the best bargain hunter I know. She used to give us a budget for back-to-school clothes shopping. I learned really fast that my money would buy a lot more if I was a smart shopper.

I don't know what it is about finding a good deal...I think it's because it gives me an immediate feeling of satisfaction. But honestly, the best part of finding a good deal is the hunt! "Bargain" places are just so-so for me. It can be fun, but you're expected to find bargains there. The real pleasure for me is discovering bargains where you don't expect them. For instance, I was at Target today and just happened to find some great jewelry and good-smelling candles (not the stinky leftovers) that were all 75% off. I think it made my whole day.

But back to the title of the I have a problem. I've been searching for craft items at Goodwill lately because I'm planning to make a lot of our Christmas presents this year. Earlier in the week when I was there, I just happened to come across a cute princess dress as well. Well that lucky find of the princess dress led to a horrible obsession of me hitting three more Goodwill stores today. (Jeez, it really was three; I'm kind of embarrassed.)

My sole purpose of going was to find other cool costumes. Not that we need mom is making Anna a princess with wings costume (her request), and I bought Jack a Power Rangers costume off of eBay. But I still went, eager to stock our budding dress-up bin. With all my trips to Goodwill, I ended up with the following:

  • Spiderman costume (dress-up)
  • Dory fish costume from Nemo (I don't know why)
  • Cinderella dress-up dress (dress-up)
  • Fairy dress-up dress with wings (dress-up)
  • 2 pairs of wings (I know someone who needs wings for a butterfly costume, honestly!)
  • 2 Incredibles costumes (because they had 2 and now Jack and Anna can pretend together!)
  • Dalmation costume (won't even fit my kids, it was just so darn cute)
Looking at the list, I'm kind of shocked at my obsession. Of course, it's not like a spent a lot of money on these. But still, I admit it's kind of crazy.

I'll likely end up selling Dory and the dalmation on eBay. Unless anyone out there needs them. (Any takers? Here's your chance!) One thing is for sure, though. We're going to have the coolest dress-up bin around.


Amber said...

You know, those are good finds because most of those costumes sell for about $20 at the store. My favorite part about shopping (and sometimes finding bargains) is trying to find ways to justify the purchases to Jared. It's almost like a challenge of my sweet-talking skills.

Vicki said...

One of the best parts of the Children's Museum in Appleton is Grandma's Attic. It's full of bins and boxes of clothing, shoes, hats, etc. just for playing dress-up. We had the best time in that part of the museum when it first opened.

Now, you need a really cool chest to put all of these clothes in because opening up a big chest and digging to the bottom is part of the fun.