Sunday, October 12, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

Tina and I had so much fun working together on Mrs. Studevant's auction (we raised about $1,500) that we wanted to find another way to work together. So even though we are both way too busy with general life, we thought of a way.

We started the Web site, (Sorry Amber, this tagline got a ton of votes.) We're still figuring it out and how to promote it, but we want it to be a fun, blog-style site that tells how people on Etsy make their cool items. This all started because we've been talking about making our own Christmas gifts ideas, and we started getting some good ideas on Etsy. We thought others would like to see step-by-step projects, too, so that's how How-To Studio started.

Who knows how long the site will last, but isn't it cool for now?!?

Tina is the business girl of the operation...she has an Etsy store started for us where we are actually "selling" our writing and photo services. Such a savvy gal. Then I'm mostly handling the how-to stuff. We have about 4 how-to projects right now...all have been done by Etsy people just helping us out. I hope we actually get others who want to be featured. Otherwise, the site will definitely fizzle. Stay tuned!

Oh, and go make a comment on there, if you don't mind. Then it'll look like we're actually getting activity.


Amber said...

I'm bitter, bitter, bitter... (Or really not at all and just incredibly proud of my go-getter friends.)

Lanae Photography said...

so savvy tina is slightly behind......hopefully not too much longer!!!!!