Wednesday, May 04, 2005

More Today than Yesterday

Jack has made his first appearance in the newspaper.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Peregrine White

Stacy is a girl on the move. You never know what she's going to do next. This time, she's gone and gotten herself a new job. Starting May 16, she will be an Associate Editor for Birds and Blooms magazine. Birds and Blooms is a product of Reiman Publishing, which is a fantastic company, with actual benefits and sick days and stuff.

What's up with the title of this post? The titles of this blog tend to be obscure to begin with, but what's up with this Peregrine White business? Peregrine White was the first child born to the Pilgrims, after landing at Plymouth Rock, and is my way to announce that Stacy and I are expecting a Thanksgiving baby of our own. No kidding, Thanksgiving due date. I have dubbed the new child "Chili Bean" and you'll notice that the blog has been renamed accordingly.