Saturday, December 01, 2007

Sooner or Later...

I knew this day would come. After all, Steve had multiple broken bones as a kid. I've always said that he must have weak bones. I've never really broken anything myself, but I was afraid his weak bone genes would rub off on our kids.

And it did on Friday night. We had a friend over to play and he and the little girl were running around and around, having a blast. Jack rounded the corner and soon went down. He was complaining about his arm, but it wasn't swelling so we put him to bed for the night. After a lot of restless sleep and some pain, I took him into the emergency room at Children's Hospital around 3 a.m. He was a trooper and really charmed the nurses. It's not a bad break, just a crack near his elbow. The good news is they didn't have to sedate him to realign the bone or anything. The doctor put a splint on him and a sling. Then we go to see an orthopedic doctor in another week or so to see if he'll need a more permanent cast for a few weeks. Hopefully this temporary cast will work wonders, and that won't be necessary, though. He's doing fine. At first, he thought the cast was pretty cool, but now he's mad about it. Dad drew a shark and wrote his name on it to make Jack feel better, but that coolness only lasted about 10 minutes. His pain comes and goes, but hopefully in a couple of days, he'll be fine and not even notice the cast.

On top of all this, Steve is pretty immobile right now. He had a disc pop out of place in his back or something like that, and he's in a lot of pain. This happened Thursday, and he's pretty miserable. He's trying to help out as much as he can, but he's just trying to stay well himself.

Finally, I'm pretty sure poor Anna was running a fever today and was pretty sad. Tylenol seemed to take care of her for the most part. And the snow that came down today. She was awed by that! So we're having a rough weekend.

And to add a little humor to the situation. Part of the reason that Jack fell is that when he was running like a mad man around the corner, Steve gently put his hand out to stop him. Well, Jack happened to hit Steve's hand at just the right angle with his head. Then he went flying to the ground like one of those defeated ninjas in the kung fu movies. So what's the humor in this situation? Well, Jack was pretty distraught that "Daddy hit him." When we were at the ER, the first thing Jack told the nurse was "Daddy pushed me." Luckily, there weren't any phone calls made to the authorities.

We're hanging in there!


Amber said...

I like how you manage to blame Steve for Jack's broken arm, what with the weak bones and all. But I totally believe that theory.

shopaholicbabie said...

ahhhhh, poor baby. oh, and i was talking about jack. i'll get to you in a minute!!! :) if i lived there, i would help you out. i'm sorry that your family isn't feeling so well, and i know it's not the best job to have to take care of everybody, so i feel for you too!!!!! you can do it!!!!

ashes ashes said...

Think of the positives. He looks really cute in a cast.