Sunday, December 09, 2007

Ice in Oklahoma

So here I am, sitting in my hotel room in Tulsa. This was the weekend of my writing workshop. It was a lot of fun, but exhausting at the same time. Saturday morning, my mom and I got up bright and early to show up at the writing center before the teachers. I was the featured guest, so I had to make sure my powerpoint was ready. After the teachers were done, it was on to the kids' workshop. Whew! We had about 50 kids, and I had three hours planned with them. We did writing exercises and played games. It was a lot of fun (one little girl even asked me for my autograph!), but I was happy when 4 o'clock rolled around.

Last night, an ice storm came through and left the roads kind of nasty this morning. Around 8:30, my mom and I decided we'd walk down to this little Route 66 diner a couple of blocks away. We probably looked pretty funny out there, taking little baby steps through the crunching ice. The roads cleared up pretty good, so we hit the mall late morning and got some good shopping done. She's gone now, and I'm sitting on my bed, hoping and praying that I can get home tomorrow. There's supposed to be more ice coming in tonight, so I'm a little worried about my flight. I'm also supposed to do a classroom visit in the morning, but I have a feeling they are going to close the schools.

So, send some warm thoughts my way. I gotta get home tomorrow!


Vicki said...

It sounds like your first big author tour really went well. I'm so proud of you!

Today is your travel day and I have my fingers crossed that all goes well.

shopaholicbabie said...

my best friend was asked for her autograph!!! yea, now i have something else to boast about!!!

be careful on your trip. i'm thinking about you, but my bosses flight today was cancelled. was yours?