Friday, December 14, 2007

I'm back!

So I got through the icky Oklahoma weather and made it home Tuesday night. My favorite story to tell from the whole ordeal is driving from Tulsa to OKC. Northwest was saying that they couldn't get me out of Tulsa until Thursday! So I booked at flight from OKC and rented a car. I figured I knew more people in the OKC vicinity, so if I got stuck there, it would be better than Tulsa.

It was a rainy drive, and I was almost out of gas. In fact, I was running on fumes and my gas light was on. After the gas light came out, I squeaked out about 20 more miles on the highway. There wasn't anything in between there! Then when I stopped for gas, none of the stations has power. Therefore, I couldn't get gas. I was really scared I was going to break down on the side of the highway and that no one would really care since everyone seemed to have their own problems. Thankfully, I came across a gas station that had just gotten their power back, and I fueled up. Whew! After that, it was pretty much smooth sailing at the airport. I even got to eat Sonic, which I LOVE because Sonic doesn't come this far north.

On another note, Steve has been taking his physical therapy to help his back very seriously. He's been working on nearly every day and is doing lots of stretching. Here's a great photo of Steve and Jack stretching together on the floor. Jack wanted to be like dad. Of course, he didn't have the same stretchy band, so he's using his rubber snake. :)


Vicki said...

Scary story. I remember being on the road driving home from California after 911 and, of course, there were no hotels available or anywhere to stop. Really does a lot for your confidence, though, when you get through something like that on your own.

Love the picture of the "boys".

ashes ashes said...

I am sorry you were so close, and I missed you. I got the message the next day that you had called.

Maggie said...

I am glad that you made it home safely. What a scary thing to go through and for your friend to lose her parents. Since Steve had to cancel his trip to London to make sure you got home safely, you and the kids got to spend his birthday together.

Amber said...

At least you got a tour of the United States on your trek home.

shopaholicbabie said...

way to prove to everybody that you're an oklahoman deep down!!!! i'm really glad that you found a gas station though. that would have sucked bigtime!!!!