Monday, December 31, 2007

Another year of marriage bliss and the glory of Ikea!

Steve and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary this past weekend by making a shopping trip to Illinois. They have an Ikea there, and I was beyond excited. Instead of getting each other presents for our anniversary, it's become our tradition to just go shopping together.

I told Steve I was serious about my Ikea shopping, but he didn't realize how much I meant it. Ikea rocks! Modern furniture, bargain price. That pretty much sums it up. Plus, they have escalators that actually take your cart up for you. How awesome is that?!? So we left Ikea with two big shopping carts full of closet organizers, a desk for Jack and some other odds and ends. After that, we hit the Apple store, and we are now both proud owners of the iPhone. I can't change over my service until the 2nd, but I can't wait. Those phones are great.

We still have Grandma in town, so we're hitting the town tonight with some friends wqto try out a steak place in downtown. We're not really livin' it up that much, as our diner reservations are at 8, and we have no intention of hitting the bars and whatnot just to stay up until midnight. So we might be lame, but at least we're lame together. Now that's compatibility at its best!

So time flies. Seven years ago, I was only 19, marrying "some older guy" from Wisconsin. I think both of our parents wondered what the heck we were thinking, but it worked out.

More info and photos from our Grandma visit later in the week.


Amber said...

I think, no matter when or who you marry, there are always a certain percentage of people wandering what you were thinking. Granted, you might have had a higher percentage.... I am now highly suspicious of people who marry the people they "should" after waiting an "appropriate" amount of time. How many years have to pass before you can say, "Ha ha! We made it, suckers!"?

Amber said...

Oh, and Happy Anniversary! And Happy early Birthday in case I forget on your actual birthday!

ashes ashes said...

I can't believe it has been that long. Congrats! If there was an Ikea close to me, it would be dangerous.