Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gift Idea

Anna's birthday is a month away, but I'm a planner you know. I took the day off to spend with her, and I'm planning to take her to one of those dress up places that you see in the mall and such. We bought her this really cool horse that you can actually climb on from someone on craigslist, but I've been trying to think of one more gift kind of thing that she can open.

I was thinking of having someone on Etsy do a drawing of her (kind of like a caricature). She loves princesses and loves horses, so I was thinking it would be cute to have a picture of her riding a horse in some princess gear.

What does anyone think of this? I could see her totally coveting this picture because it's her. But maybe not. Thoughts?

My blog is a little light right now because of the How-To stuff. It's fun for now, but we'll see if I can keep it up.


Anonymous said...

Bill Yorth does charictures ... He did one of Klinger and Chuck on a Harley for their wedding. I bet he'd do it.

Lanae Photography said...

I think she would absolutely love a caricature of Princess Anna! I would imagine it would be a dream come true for a little girl!!!!