Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Daycare Crisis

I admit that I analyze and analyze and worry too much. Even the title of this posting is a little misleading because we are not in an actual crisis.

We've always paid a lot for daycare, and it's always bugged me. But it is what it is. Child care isn't cheap, and the kids love their teachers. We've been at the same place for nearly 4 years, but we have thought a couple of times about switching. Not because we don't get good care there, but more to save money.

So recently, we started thinking about switching again. We even went so far as to fill out the enrollment information and write out a check to the new place. But then something happened. We gave our notice, and the director at our center called me today. She was very sad that we would be leaving and wanted to know if there was anything she could do. I pretty much brushed her off, but then it really got to me. These are all teachers that have known our kids since they were drooling, breast-fed babies. They really care about them and enjoy us as a family. And you just can't buy that.

So guess what? After my analyzing and number crunching, we'll be staying right where we are. We're going to get a slight price break, which will help, but the bottom line is that the kids are happy. (I made Steve call the new place and break the news because I am weak.)

Jack will be starting a 1/2 day K4 program in the fall anyway. And then after that is school full time. Hmmm. It's weird to think about. Don't worry, though. I'm sure I'll do plenty of analyzing and analyzing and analyzing between now and then.


ashes ashes said...

I try to avoid thinking about paying for daycare someday. It is a rip-off.

Hettie said...

Oh my gosh, really?! That is huge.

I've been in that spot, too, though. We were about a day away from giving notice once to switch to home care and then changed our minds at the last moment.

Maybe you are more like me about change than you think :)

Amber said...

I can't believe Jack is so old. I'm about to cry for you.