Tuesday, March 18, 2008

And the birthdays are over...

We had Jack's birthday party on Saturday at this inflatables place near Steve's mom. Jack was in Heaven, playing with his cousin. They were running around like crazy kids on all these inflatables. Climbing up, sliding down, etc. I got in on the action, too. In fact, I got a little carried away and was actually launching myself in the air and crashing down.

It came back to bite me, though. I was SO sore on Sunday and Monday morning. I guess I was using muscles that I never knew I had.

Unfortunately, I did not get pictures because I forgot my camera. But I'm hoping Uncle Scott got some good ones so I can share some later.

On an Anna note, that girl is talking in all kinds of full sentences now!

"No Jack. I want to do it!"
"Mommy. Sing rock by baby."
"I take my candy, too!"
"Jack. I want to turn light off!"

Oh, and this morning, Anna was trying to drink from the vegetable oil bottle. Now, don't judge. We had muffins and had used the vegetable oil. But she definitely got a little swig because she had an icky look on her face.

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Amber said...

I ADORE the inflatables places. I think we're going to have Max's birthday party there, too! And vegetable oil? Makes my stomach churn just thinking about it!