Monday, March 10, 2008

Balloon failure

Jack had a good birthday. They showed his card on the air, but they didn't read the poem. He thought it was pretty cool, though. The one thing Jack was so bummed about is that he didn't get a balloon on his birthday. I should have thought of this, as that was his favorite part about Anna's birthday. But rest assured, we're having his party next weekend with Steve's side of the family and there will be balloons.

In other news, our basement remodeling project is complete. We just have some finishing decorating touches to add. We gutted the bathroom, got rid of some closets and got new carpet. It looks great down there.

Well, that's about it I'm afraid. Kind of boring from our end. Happy Monday!

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ashes ashes said...

The funny thing is you probably spent a lot of money on other stuff, and all he wanted was a couple of dollars worth of balloons.