Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hair, Butterflies and More

So my hair experience (from a week ago) was great. It was this very cool, urban salon, but they weren't all stuck up and fancy. They put in very mild blonde and brown highlights. I can tell a difference; they just give more dimension to my hair. But if you didn't know I had them done, you wouldn't really notice so much. I don't think they have my review up, but when they do, I'll pass it along.

In other adventures, we went to the Milwaukee Public Museum on Sunday to see the butterflies at the butterfly house. The kids LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the experience. However, we did have a small problem. Jack loved the butterflies so much that he had that "love-ya-wanna-squeeze-ya" problem. Actually, squeeze isn't quite the right word. If the butterflies wouldn't crawl on his hand by their own free will rather quickly, then Jack would just pick them up by their wings. It was an ongoing battle, trying to teach him about being gentle.

Finally, I tell Jack we're going to have to leave because he's not being very nice. This makes him very upset. "But I love the butterflies, Mommy! They are my friends. I want them to go home with me."

To avoid being known as the butterfly-killing family, we went ahead and left. Though I did catch Jack just in time as he was "gently" placing a butterfly in his pocket. Whew! Rough times.

Steve comes home tonight from being in Vegas. We're pretty excited. Then in a month, we'll be driving to Oklahoma. We're looking forward to a fun May and then a trip to Grandma's. Fun times ahead!

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Amber said...

I have an "interesting" butterfly story. Jared was out with the kids, and he said a butterfly landed on the ground. He said both kids crowded around it and were oohing and awing. Then Sadie suddenly brought down her little foot and squished the poor butterfly! I'm really hesitant to let Sadie around anything smaller than her now.

But I LOVED how Jack was trying to sneak a butterfly home!