Sunday, May 11, 2008

Good Mom Day

I had a great Mom Day. It started off by sleeping until almost 8, which is a big deal for me. Then I came out to the dining room where Jack was soooo excited to give me my present. I got a bright red fire truck from the kids. Jack picked it out last week with Steve. In fact, they came home from picking it up on Thursday, and Jack swore he wasn't going to tell me what they got me. "It's a secret!" Jack said. But about an hour later, he broke down and said, "Mommy. We got you a fire truck, but you can't see it because it's in Daddy's trunk."

Steve got me a season's pass to the Broadway Across America series that comes to town. I'm excited for that.

My good friend from college, Jessica, was in town today, and I got to hang out with her. Then after she left, we went bowling as a family. Now that was entertaining. And I was kind of impressed with how good Jack and Anna did. They didn't so much roll the ball, but they did a great job of chunking it down the lane.

So a great Mom Day for me. I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful family. Steve is a great dad, and the kids make me smile about 50 times a day. Every day, I look forward to Anna waking up and coming into the room with her blanket over her head. (She thinks this make her invisible, and she loves to sneak up on us.) Also, Jack always gives me kisses before I leave to go to work. Many mornings, he even gives me 4 kisses, which he slowly counts one at a time.

Finally, I may be a working mom (which can be hard at times), but then again, I have something to look forward to every single day. When 4 o'clock rolls around, I'm always eager to leave work because I get warm, running hugs and excited grins. And you can't beat that. I love being a mom.


Amber said...

I love that Steve lets the kids pick out their own gift to you. That is so adorable that they got you a fire truck!

Glad you had a Happy Mothers Day!

Hettie said...

What a sweet post. LOL on Anna's blanket trick :)

And kudos to Steve on the gift!!

Vicki said...

...and you're a great Mom! You let the kids try things without worrying about the mess, you encourage their creative side, and you genuinely enjoy the things that they say and do -- even when they're not good things.

That trick of Anna's under the blanket is so funny, but you really have to watch her. She runs into walls and furniture because she totally can't see where she's going.

I loved Jack's Mother's Day call; we were out at Muir Woods when I got the voicemail so Grandma Carter could hear the message, too.

I'm the lucky one with my great sons, beautiful grandchildren, and daughters-in-law that I love to be with and who welcome me into their homes.