Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Lag in Postings

I blame Amber for my lag in postings. She's my favorite blogger that I read regularly, and when she has fewer posts, it directly affects mine. I only have a few loyal followers, though, so I guess it's okay.

Tonight we had a little incident with Jack. Anna and I were playing out in the toy room before Steve was home. Then I heard the door shut in the back bedrooms, but I didn't think much of it. (Okay, I really should have, but I didn't.) I thought Jack was just in his bedroom. Pretty soon, a door opens and the smell of nail polish comes wafting through the house. That's when my heart sank. (As a side note, I painted Anna's finger and toenails this morning. She loves, loves, loves her fingers painted. It brings such joy to her little life.)

Well, Jack doesn't get his fingers painted, and this makes him mad, mad, mad. We've tried to nicely explain that boys don't really get their fingers painted, and he's not buying it. He thinks that it's all okay as long as boys use blue polish.

So by now, I'm sure you've figured out that Jack was painting his fingernails behind closed doors. He was in the bathroom, and the ENTIRE tips of all his fingers were covered in polish. And, the bathroom floor also had a fair amount of mango polish on it as well. Jack knew he was in trouble because right away he kept saying, "I'm sorry Mommy. I'm sorry Mommy."

It took a fair amount of scrubbing to get the polish off him and the floor. Here are a couple of photos of my painted kids. Anna is proudly displaying her nails, but she closed her eyes right when I took the photo. And then Jack couldn't help but display his nails where the polish used to be.

Some days are such adventures...


Amber said...

But to your loyal readers, it matters when there is any blog delay.

We also don't put the nail polish on Max, but Jared doesn't know that sometimes I let him play with my makeup along with Sadie! Nail polish is no fun to clean up, though!

Vicki said...

Poor Jack -- I would think that we could come up with some type of polish that wouldn't be too girly or affect his psyche permanently. Maybe blue or black wouldn't be so bad! It's a good thing that it was on the bathroom floor instead of on the carpeting in his bedroom!