Monday, June 28, 2004

If it's the weekend, there must be grandparents nearby

Jack continued his tri-state tour this weekend with a trip to Minnesota. Grandpa and Uncle Sam had visited shortly after Jack was born, but this was his first chance to meet Grandma and Aunt Julia. We are incredibly grateful that Jack is good-natured about travelling, since we do a lot of driving, and a foul-tempered baby is not a good traveling companion. [Editor's note -- I was informed by a snarky know-it-all that I misspelled travelling in an earlier entry. Travelling can be spelled with one or two L's, and in order to enjoy the richness of the English language, I reserve the right to use both variations. In fact, I extended the previous sentence, simply to show how nicely that works.]

We went to a Jazz festival on Saturday, because Sam knew some guys who were playing. The band was quite good, and the weather was pretty nice, so it made for a nice couple of hours. We spent the rest of the day hanging around the house, and had some tasty steak off the grill for dinner. All told, it was a nice visit.

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