Saturday, June 05, 2004

The Big Summer Kickoff

Memorial Day weekend was a strange one, in that it rained a lot, but not when we were golfing. That must be some kind of record.

Jack had a good time up at the cabin, but had a hard time getting some sleep with all the action. I finally had to lay him down next to my laptop, and play some Bob Marley. The combination of the light from the screen, and the soothing tunes seemed to do the job. Even without sleep, he was a very happy baby most of the time, and he had a good old time meeting all the nice people. I think that as he gets older and more used to the action, he's going to be a very popular boy up north.

Grandma Linda and Uncle Montana are visiting this weekend, and Jack even got to have a day off of daycare, since they arrived Thursday afternoon. He's handling all this excitement about as well as he handled it last weekend--that is to say, he's trying to stay awake the whole time to take in all the fun. Fortunately, we recognized it earlier this weekend, and he's in the middle of a good long nap right now.

Jack is at a stage where he can't crawl, can't really grab any toys, and pretty much just hangs out and kicks to pass the time. Stacy found a fancy bouncer with a popper built in to it, that he just loves. It doesn't require him to do anything more than kick his feet out to stand up, and stuff pops for him. I don't believe I am exaggerating when I say that this is the greatest accomplishment of western civilization.

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Grandma Vicki said...

I bet Grandma Linda is shocked at how much Jack has grown since she was here in March. Now, he focuses and he laughs, and I'm pretty sure he said "Grandma" when we were talking together last week-end.