Sunday, June 20, 2004

Father's Day

It's our first Father's Day, and I'm living the good life. Stacy and Jack are going to make some cookies, I've already had some taco dip, and Stacy mowed the lawn. I've been watching the Brewer game. Every day should be Father's Day.

Jack made his first trip out-of-state this weekend, for the Henline family reunion in Illinois. As usual, he was the center of attention, and had a great time hanging out in the park all afternoon. I was worried that he would start to get fussy as time wore on, but he seems to be resigned to his fate as a travelling boy, and only began to complain when things were beginning to wind down.

We somehow managed to leave our camera in its case for the entire weekend. How dumb is that? I welcome any photos of the weekend that people want to send. I got some feedback on the choice of "Hambone" as a nickname. I think I'll characterize the reactions as....mixed.


Grandma Vicki said...

While I did take some pictures that week-end, it has taken until now to actually get the pictures off my camera and into the computer. Now, I need to get them set up in an album and distributed. The boy might actually be in school before I get the pictures from this summer organized.

Grandma Vicki said...

"mixed" reactions? I don't think so.