Tuesday, May 25, 2004

About Last Night...

So, here's the thing about regular updates: Jack doesn't do much. This blog will certainly lose its edge if I resort to listing how long he slept (until 5), and what he's wearing today (a cute Tommy Hilfiger thing). Miss Theresa at KinderCare said he's a much happier boy since we brought a pacifier in to help with his naps.

Many people are aware that the holidays are an awful travel time for us. There are too many places, in too many states, and too few days. Well, this year we're taking decisive action. The week of Thanksgiving, we're going down to Oklahoma for a visit. It ought to be a lot less hectic than Christmas, and since we've decided to drive, that means Ilsa can come, too! I can only assume that Jack will welcome the opportunity for early Christmas (and, um, timely Thanksgiving).

We have a big weekend coming up at the lake. Even if I can't bring myself to update the blog again this week, there should be some pictures and an update early next week.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe this man would say that Jack doesn't do much! It's like I don't even know the man I married.

Just today in the car he was absolutely adorable as he sucked away on his hand...still trying to see if he can fit the whole thing in his mouth.

And tonight he had the cutest laughs an he enjoyed his bath and rubber duckie...probably the highlight of his day.

Yesterday he thought he was hot stuff because mommy let him suck the juice from an orange off her fingers.

Not to mention his newfound love of the Pooh whose face lights up when you touch his tummy. Jack just watches in awe.

So...I must disagree with the "Jack doesn't do much" comment. Call me a biased mother, but he sounds pretty fascinating to me!

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like the boys mother is on to something. I too wonder if I know the man I have been calling brother for so many years. I found myself riveted and at the edge of my seat reading Stacy's comments and I am just an uncle. I can't imagine what the grandparents would think about the "doesn’t do much" comment. I suggest we get back down to the nitty gritty and post all details. No mater how insignificant. While we are on the subject, Ian got his first bike last night. Grandpa Jeff stopped over with a stuffed Schreck and Donkey. So, Margaret and I (not to be out done) went out and Bought Ian a Spiderman Tricycle. He really seems to enjoy it.

Grandma Vicki said...

My grandchildren are always doing something important, even if we aren't let in on exactly what it is. How can this boy be expected to accomplish big things if he isn't allowed moments of contemplation?!