Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Evil Thought

I just had an evil thought. I find it quite hilarious, though I'm not sure everyone else will.

First of all, I should tell you that I'm totally against abstinence. I realize this might upset Amber's mom, so please Amber, do not show this to her. So anyway, I was looking at volunteer opportunities and I saw this one as a facilitator for the Abstinence Coalition. Then I had this thought...wouldn't it be hilarious if I went through the facilitator training and then went to my first class with a bunch of scared kids whose parents forced them there. Then I could start handing out condoms and bananas. Oh man...just the thought cracks me up again.

Oooo, I have an evil mind.


Amber said...

Well, since I do believe in abstinence but not in abstinence-only education, I'm not sure whether to laugh at that or call you bad names. So maybe I'll do both...

Vicki said...

Yeah, so the idea of handing out bananas does really crack me up -- irrespective of opinions one way or the other. It would be like serving margaritas at an AA meeting -- just totally unexpected and generating shocked looks all around.