Tuesday, July 08, 2008

4th of July Fun

Here's a quick late posting of the fun we had on the 4th. I was waiting to get some pictures from the weekend before I posted. Otherwise, it would have been too difficult to describe Jack's pimp hat.

All the kids loved the fireworks.

Anna recently discovered face painting, and she loves it.

And finally, here's Jack in his pimp hat at the parade. It's all furry and feathery. He had a little flag sticking out of it earlier in the day, but once they started throwing candy, he had to get down to business.


Amber said...

Where the heck did he get that hat? That is too funny. I noticed Anna in her long pajamas during fireworks. It was so chilly here I actually had to get a sweater and blanket! Of course, I'm not known for my tolerance of anything uncomfortable.

Hettie said...

Oh dear, the hat! That's hilarious! Love Anna in the Incredibles pjs for fireworks. :)