Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Just a quick post to say that we had a very good Father's Day. Steve's family came down, and we all went to the Brewers game. And not only did we go to the game, but we thought it would be fun if we did some tailgating, too. We weren't sure how it would go with the four little ones. Though honestly, Ian and Jack aren't so little anymore at 6 and 4.

It went great. The big hit of the tailgating was this chair game that someone invented. They put two lawn chairs 15 to 20 feet apart and then put little chairs in front of that. They then threw the football to aim for the little chairs. It was a blast for Ian and Jack. Here's a picture from the event with Jack and Grandpa Jeff. (By the see Anna in that Sponge Bob outfit? Yeah, she had a cute Brewers skirt and matching shirt on, but she got it soaked by something. So she had to wear these Sponge Bob pajamas for a short bit while her other stuff dried in the sun.)

Game was good (they won), and we even made it through the whole thing!

Thanks to the Dad of our house who is truly a hands-on father. You're a keeper, and we love you.

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Amber said...

Glad you guys had a good Father's Day! At least you had something to change Anna in to!