Saturday, June 07, 2008

Cinemark Sucks

I was bummed when I first found out that Sex in the City would be released the weekend we were leaving to Oklahoma. I really wanted to go on that first night. I love, love, love that series and couldn't wait to see the movie.

I didn't fret for long, though. I soon realized that my good friend Tina in Ada was also a Sex fan. We could go together! My plan seemed so perfect. Now I could go to the movie with a real, bona fide fan.

Tina and I had plans to go to the movie on Wednesday night. So we met at Starbucks beforehand and then sashayed over to the movie promptly at 7. We stand in line, wait our turn and then politely inform the lady that we need two tickets to the hottest show in town. She gives us this scared chuckle and replies, "Oh, I'm sorry. That movie is broken. We should get a new copy in a few days."

At which I reply...."Are you kidding me? Why don't you have a sign up? You should really warn people."

I was soooo mad. How hard would it be to put a nice little sign on the billboard out front that says it's temporarily out of order?!? Well, apparently it is too hard for the Cinemark staff. It looks like someone helped them out later that night, though. I have NO idea who would have printed out that sign and stuck it up there, but we couldn't resist taking a picture. Don't worry. It didn't last long. There was a church group there, and I'm pretty sure one of the chaperons ripped it down. It got some good laughs, though.

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Vicki said...

Great story -- but it works out well for me, I think, since now you and I can go together: two real fans.