Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Life of a Poor Writer

Someone complained to my work that they think I'm earning money by charging people to talk about gardening. Ha! I wish.

On my Web site, I do have a page for visits. On it, it outlines the programs I offer FOR KIDS and then says they can contact me for rates and/or custom programing. Well, I think I should make it clear that I have never made money for talking about gardening.

I offer kids gardening programs around Milwaukee, but I volunteer my time for this. And currently, while I'm promoting my book, I do visits with places in exchange for them to promote my book.

So the point is, I am not rolling in the writer dough. My picture book won't make hardly any money unless Oprah or Ellen pick it up. And I'm just hoping that I'm not a one-shot-wonder who never has another book again.

I'm not sure what crazy person has so much time on their hands that they're looking at my Web site and then complaining about my side gig that barely brings in any money. They should find themselves a hobby.

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Amber said...

You should just figure you're successful now. If people are complaining about you, then you've made it! And who cares if you do make money talking about gardening? Lots of people make ridiculous amounts of money for talking about basically nothing.