Sunday, January 25, 2009

Stealing by Accident

I stole a princess dance outfit from a store today. We'll call the store "Farget" just for anonymity. I didn't do it on purpose. I swear.

With Anna in dance class, we thought we'd get her another tutu outfit to wear. She fell in love with a blue princess one, and she held it tightly the whole time in the store. When we get out to the car, I lift Anna out of the basket and see that she had been sitting on the dance outfit, so we didn't pay for it. By this time, everything is loaded and Jack is in the van and buckled. And, it's also about 2° outside.

I'm just about to load the kids up back into the basket when I remember I was going to return a lamp I bought from Farget that didn't work. I did a quick calculation; the dance outfit was roughly the cost of the lamp, so I figured it was a wash.

On the drive home, I was still feeling pretty guilty about the whole thing. I was even making plans in my head to go back and pay for the outfit. But then I remembered that I went to Farget last week and purchased a dowel rod. However, the check-out girl must have put it separately or something because we did not get home with it. Yet, I was still charged for it!

So now I don't feel guilty anymore. In fact, I figure Farget owes me.


Hettie said...

Farget owes me a couple of dollars, too. They rang up 9 soup bowls when I only got 8, so you can have that money/karma toward the tutu :) Sounds like all in all, it's a wash.

Amber said...

I "stole" a can of green beans once. I felt so guilty I mailed in a dollar. No one would have guessed we lived quite the life of crime back in the day.

Lanae Photography said...

Crime Amber? I have no earthly idea what you are referring to! :)

ashes ashes said...

We accidentally stole a can of something one time. The lady acted like Noel was an idiot for going back in the store to pay for it.

Vicki said...

I found a really great hat one time when I was Christmas shopping. It was a nice department story (similar to Macy's) so there were no carts. I had tons of stuff in my arms so I just put the hat on my head so it wouldn't get crushed. Continued shopping, checked out, loaded everything in the car and headed home. When I was almost home, I glanced in my rearview mirror and saw the hat still on my head with the tag hanging out! I grabbed it off and started looking for police cars, but nothing happened. The clerk must have been as totally brain dead as I was not to have seen the tag.