Monday, January 19, 2009

Sick Day/Vacation Day

Anna is "sick" today. Notice the use of quotations? There's a good reason for them.

This morning, Anna woke up and said she was wet because she threw up on herself. Sure enough, there were huge chunks of gross stuff all in her hair and bed. I got her all cleaned up and by this time, she got the notion of staying home sick. I could tell she felt fine, though (and no fever or anything), so I tried to convince her to go to school.

"There is still throw-up in my tummy. I need to stay home," Anna said.

She wouldn't eat (but was prancing around in her princess shoes). I figured I'd better be safe than sorry. At our daycare, if a child throws up or has a fever, they have to be out for 24 hours. So if I would have taken her in and then she threw up, then I'd have to take off two days.

By this time, Jack is pretty mad. He tries to tell me that he has a pretty nasty cough and that he needs to stay home sick, too. I told him no, and it pretty much broke his little heart. So I decided it was time to "make a deal" with him. You know...bribe him so he doesn't cry and get all upset. Anyway, it took some doing, but here's what we came up with:

5 grab bags (from the dollar store, only $1 each!)
Pancakes for dinner
$1 for his savings box
Tae Kwon Do class tonight

Am I a pushover or what? Oh well. I took a vacation day and have been running errands and getting stuff done. All in all, a productive day.


Steve said...

wow. never has a little boy so thoroughly known how to push his mommy's buttons.

I'm glad the peanut is feeling better.

Vicki said...

That Jack is quite the negotiator. He always starts with, "How about this deal...". Little Miss Annabelle sounds like she's learning some tricks, too. Well, you had a day to get some stuff done, anyway.

Amber said...

Ha ha! They learn so quickly! Sadie figured out for a while that if she told me her ear hurt, she would get Tylenol. Took me a while to wise up.