Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The joys of NOT living in a small town

Steve and I always knew that we wanted to live near a larger city. But I only recently realized one of the truly great things about this.

You don't get recognized (for the most part)! I'm talking about those trips to the grocery store or wherever when the kids are being little terrors. Yeah, it's hard to believe that my angelic kids have terror moments, but they do. In fact, they are now at the age where they team up. I can handle one, but when they are both in feisty moods, there's trouble.

Yesterday we were at the grocery store and I bribed them to sit in the little car cart by getting them miniature balloons. I figured it was better than candy. It was fun alright. We went through the whole store with them bopping their balloons all over the place. And, every person that passed by, they shouted out, "Hi lady. See my balloon." Those were Jack's words. Anna tried to mimick him by just shouting out to random people, "bawoon, bawoon!"

By the time we got through the line, Anna was getting up and just being trouble with a capital T. I ended up carrying her out the store with her screaming and wiggling around like crazy. I know I should have felt embarrassed, but I didn't care at this point. I was just glad I didn't know anyone. I don't mind being the anonymous, "mother with crazy children."


Amber said...

And despite what any parenting book will tell you, there is just no good way to punish them in public. Ah, I feel your pain.

ashes ashes said...

I don't have kids, but I still say Amen. When Noel and I go to Ada we make bets before we go to Wal-Mart on how many people we will see that one of us knows.

shopaholicbabie said...

i HATE wal-mart with a passion. i avoid it at all costs just so i won't see someone i know. it's even worse when joe is with me because he knows anybody and everybody. honestly, the best thing about me living in lawton was that there were two wal-marts and i didn't know anybody!!!! it's definitely worth it. although, i would still choose to live in a large city or close to it.