Sunday, January 13, 2008

All About Jack

So it's been a while, but now it's the "All About Jack" posting now. And while I don't have a dancing video to share, I do have some good stories. (Warning: These are totally random. If you don't feel like cute kid stories, I suggest you stop reading now.)

Jack is my little organizer. He likes things in order, and he likes his routine. He got a set of Pixar Cars for his birthday, and I think his favorite thing about them is the carrying kit that came with it. He promptly brought it home, and completely filled up each space. I don't really see him play with the cars that much, but he sure likes having them.

Jack isn't afraid to say what he thinks, either. The other day, we were at the grocery store and this old man was looking at Jack. Actually, he was kind of staring at him. And Jack said, "Hey! You man! Stop looking at me!" I did the motherly thing and told him that it wasn't very nice to say that, but all the while, the man is still staring. Jack repeated his warning, "Stop looking at me!" I promptly went in the other direction because honestly, I was wondering why an old man would provoke a little toddler like that. True, I'm sure this was my motherly instinct kicking in, but it was a little creepy. Though, this is my same little boy who at 2 scolded an older man in line at the grocery store. "Hey Grandpa!" he said. "It's our turn to check out!"

Just this weekend, I painted Anna's toenails, and Jack was dead set on having his done as well. Now, I'm all about gender equality and not stereotyping kids to be too boyish or girlie. But I was feeling a little strange about putting nail polish on my son. I tried to tell him that girls usually wear it and maybe we could put stickers on him instead. That alternative lasted for about 30 seconds before he ripped the stickers off and demanded polish instead. I checked with Steve, and he told Jack he could have it only if we took it off in a few days. Jack agreed immediately. He's no dummy. He knows how to agree to anything to get what he wants. So Jack has glittery blue polish on his toes, and he's thrilled. And you know what, I'm glad. In another few years, he's going to be surrounded by that boy/girl stuff that kids tease each other about in school. Right now, he can be a kid. No one is going to see his toes anyway.

And finally, my little sweetie sure is polite. I'm not sure where he got it, but twice this weekend he said something like, "This sure is a great dinner you put together Mommy. It's very nice."

I'll take any compliments I can get. And here's a picture of Jack and Anna with the gingerbread house they made with my mom. She said that Jack did the meticulous decorating while Anna ate it.

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Amber said...

At least we know that he won't have problems with confrontation!