Monday, March 21, 2005

Wearing a Raincoat

Jack's first birthday has come and gone, and the pictures are nowhere to be found. That's not entirely true, though, since Uncle Scott has had a Powerbook fire lit under him, and has posted some pictures at his new picture page. Ah, picture pages. Some things just stick with you your whole life. But, I digress. I will try to follow Uncle Scott's example and post some pictures of my own this week.

We started out our Spring Travel Season with a bang. I ventured out to Las Vegas with Mom and Jeff on the 8th, and we lived the Downtown experience. We had a fantastic time, bolstered by some good winnings. We spent a couple of afternoons playing the horses, which wasn't terribly profitable, but it's sure a nice way to spend some time. A nice time, that is, is you can ignore the pathetic wrecks that populate Las Vegas sports books. I'd recommend actually going to the races -- the live action is much more fun and dynamic, and you'll be spared the spectacle of broken old men wasting their lives away in smoke and solitude.

Stacy and Jack flew down to Oklahoma on the 12th, and stayed until this past Thursday. Jack had a wonderful time visiting Grandma and Grandpa and all the fun family people, and re-stocked on OU jackets. He should be set for another year (it's a shame that the OU basketball couldn't keep it together for him).

We have an exciting couple of weeks ahead. We're going to Turtle Lake for Easter, which always leads to speculation on whether the dog population will exceed the people population. Then, in the following week, Dad is bringing the traveling road show to Milwaukee.

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