Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Mint Car

Another tooth has made an appearance. Jack now has his two front teeth, and only a couple of months after Christmas. It looks like 3 more are fighting their way through on the bottom. It won't be too long before he has a bright, white, shiny smile.

Jack is on a tear with the assisted walking. If there's something to hold on to for balance, he'll move right along. His favorite thing right now is to walk up and down the front of the couch, because it's at a perfect level for holding.

We spent the weekend in Minneapolis, where Jack commanded much attention. Sam shot some footage and then made a really good video, which I've made available via my .Mac page. The video is fairly big, so I recommend a high-speed connection for viewing it. That Sam sure sets the bar high for home video; I'll have to work on my editing skills, and I don't think we'll be able to truly compete until we have a digital camcorder of our own. Until that day, we can enjoy Sam's offering.

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