Monday, October 18, 2004

Word Up

So, Scott has been burning the midnight oil to get his own website in order. It looks like a wide variety of good stuff. I'm of the opinion that the more websites dedicated to good-lookin' people, the better. He has also started a blog, which distinguishes itself in its brevity.

We received some fantastic news over the weekend. Bambi and Barry have adopted a beautiful little girl named Madison Grace. I posted a picture of the happy family in my Fall Photo Album for your viewing and linking pleasure. We have certainly started to turn out the children in the past few years! Stacy and I are jealous of all the people that get to meet her over Thanksgiving, when we're in Oklahoma.

Jack's growth continues. No teeth yet. Eating plenty. Smiling at people. All people. All the time. Friday was his very first School Picture Day, so I hope to have some new pictures posted whenever we get them. I seem to remember always getting a free comb on picture day, but Jack missed out. He probably would have really enjoyed chewing on a nice comb.

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Grandma Vicki said...

I've been a bit behind on the blog entries -- enjoyed catching up on the news. Still waiting for that tooth; think it's now a race between getting the first tooth or learning to crawl.