Saturday, October 09, 2004

I Can Do That

We've been using Stacy's camera to take short video clips of Jack, because it can be more fun to watch him laughing than it is to see a picture of him laughing. We haven't taken too many yet, but I thought it might be fun to take a couple and see how they would work in a clip-movie, like those that Stacy has made. You are hereby invited to the premiere of Laughing Jack. It's fairly big, so I would recommend downloading it on a high-speed connection. I'll probably get better at it as I make more, but this one isn't bad for a first effort.

Jack and I got to spend some time at home Thursday afternoon and Friday. His face has been fairly red and chapped since his drool output increased, and the ladies at daycare got worried the other day when it looked like a rash that was spreading. I took him in to the doctor, and it turned out to be nothing (although he's getting some serious lotion on his face to combat the redness and chapping), but out of the blue he showed some eye thing (either pink eye or some other eye virus), for which the doctor prescribed some antibiotic cream. Since day cares aren't wild about having kids with pink eye, and since I have 8 sick days that go unused every year, I decided to keep him home with me on Friday. We had a very good time. The best part is that we're staying home together on Monday, too, since that is an inservice training day at KinderCare. I guess you could call me Mr. Mom. Of course, then I'd have to smack you.

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