Sunday, September 13, 2009

Talking and Drinking, Do Not Attempt Together

I was at a bachelorette thing this weekend. It didn't get super wild or anything, but there was drinking going on. I was the designated driver, so it was just crazy Coca-Cola for me, but others were having fun.

There's something about people when then drink...especially women. The stories just don't really make sense. Women are talkers anyway. And when women drink, they will start these long stories, and soon, it's like they're about to share a revelation or something. And then, they are suddenly at the end of the story, and the people who haven't been drinking realize the end has come and gone. And there was no revelation at all.

Yes, women and drinking are interesting.

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Amber said...

That post kind of felt John Irving-esque. Don't know why! I don't drink because I get even louder and "funnier" than I already am normally.