Sunday, March 01, 2009

Random Musings from the Tornio household

It's been a while since I've posted, so here are just a collection of random things.

1. Jack is really big into drawing and writing lately. He's almost always sitting with paper, and then yelling out to me, asking how to spell things. He always wants to spell raccoon, horse, cute dog and bendaroos.

2. We're in early talks of planning a Disney trip next January. All Anna wants to do is have dinner with Cinderella in the castle. In fact, the other day we were driving along and I asked her if she wanted to stop and get something to eat with me. "No Mom! I want to eat with Cinderella!" Jeez.

3. I had the mole on my temple removed the other day. I was at my derm's office, and she was looking at it. About a minute later, it was gone. I kid you not. I was shocked at how fast it went.

4. Dixie, our cat, was trying to catch a mouse this morning. She caught it three times and then let it go so she could catch it again and bat at it. It's currently on the loose. Grrr.

5. I was promoted this week to the editor of my magazine. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be promoted, yet I still get to report to my same amazing boss.

6. On a whim, I signed Montana up to work in Alaska, and then they actually called. Now I really want him to work there, so I can go and visit.

7. Jack informed us today that it's finally March and his birthday is in a matter of days. Meanwhile, I was considering making a Spiderman cake but ended up ordering one instead. We're going to the waterpark in the Dells to honor his and his cousin, Alex's, b-days, but we're still going to do the cake and presents thing next Saturday on the actual day. He's ecstatic.

8. Anna recently found her long-lost mermaid baby that she's been attached to since she was a baby. When it went missing, we bought her a another mermaid baby off of Ebay. Now she thinks it's magical that she has two.

9. Steve has been a real trooper lately. He's not a big fan of the kids and their crazy parents crowd. But he went to a school carnival, took Jack to basketball and ever volunteered to go swimming with the kids. He's a keeper.

10. Summer seems to be filling up already! I guess we're just dreaming of nicer days ahead because we already have several weekends planned. And my mom is going to fly up here to help me drive to Oklahoma at the end of the July. I'm really looking forward to having a road trip with my mom because we'll have time to leisurely drive down and check out silly tourism things along the way.


Amber said...

Tell Steve that I am an official crazy parent!

I can't believe Jack is going to be five. I still remember all our phone conversations where you would explain to me what was normal and what was not about being pregnant. And how I made you be in my wedding when you were, what, seven months? pregnant. It goes so fast!

ashes ashes said...

I can't believe your Stacy mark is gone..that was so you.

I bet I am more excited than Jack that March is finally here.