Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Crying at the Dentist

I cried at the dentist today. Yep, I'm a crier. I went in for a routine check-up and the hygienist informed me that one of my tooth had fractures and it would eventually need a crown. "Hasn't anyone told you this?" she asked sweetly.


I should mention that I hate, hate, hate dentists with a passion. When we were little, we got in trouble when we had cavities. (Not bad trouble, but we didn't have superb health care coverage, so it was really expensive and disappointing.)

Since we've lived in Wisconsin, I've had three different dentist because I can't find one I like. I cried at my last dentist office, too. So anyway, they tell me I'll have to have a crown. Then afterward, they show me what the co-pay will be. Let's just say that it's a lot. I started holding back tears right then and there. The very nice receptionist asked me if I'd like to schedule the appointments, and I had to tell her no because I needed some time to adjust. Poor girl called me an hour later because she had misread how much the co-pay would be and wanted to let me know right away. (It's still damn expensive, though.)

So I left the dentist office, fighting the tears. And then I abruptly called Steve and sobbed. Then I called my mom and sobbed some more. I feel like such a failure. I realize I'm being a little extreme, but it's really hard for me to accept I have to have a crown. I know things could be worse, but I'm so bummed.

Oh, woe is me. I hope this is the last dental work I have to get done in a while. I'm a great brusher, but I'll be flossing every day now. And I'm even throwing out my old toothpaste and using the extra fluoride toothpaste they've been trying to get me to use for a year now. Hopefully this will help so I don't have to still be crying at the dentist in my 30s.


Amber said...

I think I've teared up every single time I've been to the dentist. I usually make it to the parking lot before I break down. This is why people hate going to the dentist so much. It's supposed to be so much more comfortable, but it still hurts, and then you get the bill and you want to punch someone really hard for making you pay to go through so much trauma.

Vicki said...

The need to get crowns is not necessarily a result of anything that you did wrong! I have several crowns and, even though it's not a pleasant experience, it's something you'll get through. Teeth were just not intended to withstand the brutal treatment they get for the number of years they're used. It sounds like maybe your's was worn down due to use, not because you were neglectful. I love my dentist; when the experience must, by definition, be unpleasant, it's good to have a dentist that you like.

Steve said...

I can't believe I missed this post for so long.

You're a raving anti-dentite.