Monday, November 26, 2007

We are weak

Steve and I have NO patience when it comes to gift giving. Before we had kids, we would always break down and have all of our presents open before Christmas Day. Birthdays are pretty bad, too. One of us needs to be strong in these kind of situations, but sadly, we are both weak.

For instance, this past weekend, I got Steve this really great coat for his birthday next month. I decided that he needed to have it to wear, so I gave it to him right away. Then today, I figured he should get an ITouch for his birthday/Christmas big present, so I ordered it and then told him about it. I even told him what I had engraved on the back. For the record, he'll be in London on his birthday, and I wanted him to have it to be able to take on the plane for watching movies.

So today, Steve informs me that my Christmas gift from the kids arrived at his office. He sent it there so I couldn't snoop. And believe me, I would. He brought it home and then with very little prodding, he said that Jack could decide if I could have my present early. Of course, my little man said yes!

Here's my lovely, wonderful present from my adorable husband. It's a Mom necklace with Jack and Anna's birthstones in little baby booties. And on the bottom of the booties, their names and birthdays are engraved. I thought I was going to cry, and I'm not really a sentimental kind of crier! So, we might not have any patience, but I have a fabulous necklace and he'll be enjoying plenty of movies on his way to London. If that's not a Merry Christmas, then I don't know what is!


shopaholicbabie said...

oh that is just beautiful!!! i'm bad about wanting to give gifts early or at least some kind of clue. it's been hard with josey to keep my mouth shut. i think i get more excited than she does. well, happy early christmas!!!! it's ok to be a little emotional every now and then (this is coming from an over emotional freak of course)

Anonymous said...

So Steve figured you out. Remember when we would find out what each of us was getting and then telling each other. David and I are just as bad. I don't think we have ever waited until the actual day. Your necklace is beautiful. I just want a couple of babies to go with the birthstone.

Amber said...

Oh, my goodness. Jared and I are terrible, too. I usually give him all his birthday presents at least a month early. Your necklace was beautiful.

Vicki said...

You guys are so funny. Steve has always been bad about waiting until Christmas -- I always had to booby-trap the tree to make sure he stayed away from the presents.

That necklace is just gorgeous and the engraving really makes it special.