Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"We don't say come here, Daddy! We just say teddy bear."

Yes, this phrase also puzzled us when Jack said it. Huh? Are the kids abusing the phrase "come here" at school? We quizzed Jack for a while, thinking we'd get the real answer out of him but no dice. He was very certain that Miss Molly told them that they can't say come here. They can only say teddy bear instead.

So finally I remembered to ask Molly about it this week. "Are the kids not allowed to say come here?" I asked. "They can only say teddy bear?"

Molly laughed. "Well come here isn't the thing they can't say," she told me. "It's for the child here that swears. Instead of swearing, we try to get the child to say other silly words like teddy bear."

Ahhh, it all makes sense now. Yes, there's a 3-year-old in Jack's room that swears. He's been known to drop the f teachers bxxxx...and finally, throw around "shit!" In fact, Jack was very eager to tell us about it last week. "Mommy, Billy says shit but we don't say shit. Right Mommy? We don't say shit, but that's what Billy says. He says shit."

This conversation happened at Target. :)


Amber said...

Are you going to pepper your conversations with "teddy bear" from now on?

Tina! said...

hahahahaha!!!! That story just made my day. I guess I love seeing how you and Am are always getting embarassed in public. Yes, I know, my time will eventually come. Until then, I'm laughing away!!!!!