Monday, September 26, 2005

Force Ten

Some wild times around Rancho Tornio. Jack picked up some bug from Stacy last week, which caused him to be sent home from daycare on Thursday with a fever, and a Friday off with Daddy. Aside from the fever and some messy-diaper-related issues, he didn't have any other symptoms and was pretty much ok with life. The fever finally broke Saturday night, and we had a good Football Day. Jack learned to say, "Go Bears," although they apparently didn't hear him.

I wanted to present a brief list of Jack's favorite things. I know that the holidays are coming up, and many people are interested in buying the boy a present or two, so here's the stuff:

1. Lions - Jack really like likes jungle animals, especially lions. He can't get enough of Hakuna Matata. Note that I didn't say The Lion King. He doesn't yet have the patience to watch all of the movie, but he loves the section from Hakuna Matata through Can You Feel the Love Tonight? I'm pretty sure it's because he likes to watch the lions.
2. Planes and helicopters - His favorite part of riding in the convertible is to look up in the sky for airplanes and helicopters, and one of his favorite books is a flying machines book.
3. Balls - All kinds of balls.
4. Horses - Loves horses. Loves 'em.
5. Apples - Right up there with horses.

We went to Apple Holler on Saturday, and had a good time picking apples, even in the midst of recurring fevers for the boy. We'll have pictures posted soon of Jack two-fisting it through the orchard with an apple in each hand.

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