Saturday, December 11, 2004

Enjoy the Silence

A brief update for anyone following the Hambone v. Nebulizer saga.

Jack had an x-ray on Thursday to rule out pneumonia as a possible problem, and it did just that. He has some sort of doctor-speak problem caused by a minor infection, and the Nebulizer should knock it out in relatively short order. As it is now, he doesn't cough very often, and I haven't noticed any of the wheezing lately.

We're taking a drive up to Appleton today, to give Jack a chance to hang out with Grandma while we take in a movie. I expect we'll all be happy with that.

Oh, I almost forgot. I got one of those fancy new cell phones with a camera, and I've set up a website where I can send random pictures I feel like taking. It also supports comment threads, because you never know when a blurry picture of Bigfoot may require discussion. Unfortunately, many of the pictures are blurry -- cameraphones just aren't that fancy yet.

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