Friday, September 24, 2004

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News

Jack went in for his regularly scheduled checkup on Wednesday, so I get to pass on an update to his vital statistics:

21 lbs, .5 ounces (90% percentile)
28 inches (90% percentile)

I told Stacy that he is such a big boy because I was so good about making her drink milk during her pregnancy. I'm sure the Dairy Council will soon be seeking me out for endorsements...unless they talk to Stacy first. She seems to think I may be taking credit where I haven't necessarily earned it.

Jack also continued his War on Disease (tm) with some immunizations. He's finally done with a couple of them, and we threw in a flu shot for good measure. Once that flu shot was administered, he got all George-Bush-squinty and said of the flu germs, "Bring 'em on." I'm not certain that the flu germs noticed, but it sure inspired the rest of us in the room.

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